Artist Statement

I paint scenes in both the natural world and the manmade world. I am interested in how these worlds feel energetically as well as how they interact with each other. Color, line, and pattern are used to tell the emotional story of a moment in time in a particular setting. I think of my works as love poems to life. 

As a digital painter, I work with an electronic pen on a large monitor. Using the paint tools in Photoshop, I make markings both abstract and representational to develop the atmosphere and structures in my scenes. I create layer upon layer of these elements, experimenting with the placement of them in relation to one another. My completed images are made into high-quality giclée art prints or printed on metal. With my artworks I invite the viewer to see the wondrous in the mundane, and to experience a quality of energy that connects them to their own sense of harmony and joy.

Paula Ogier Artworks
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