Portrait Contract Terms
By commissioning a pet portrait by Paula Ogier through paulaogierart.com or other means, the client agrees to the terms outlined here:

The client will receive a professionally printed giclée print of a digitally painted image by the artist. The print is made with archival inks on archival quality paper. The size of the giclée print will be agreed upon in advance. 

A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the price of the finished portrait is required to begin the digital painting process. 

The client can expect to have their pet’s portrait approximately one month from the time that the artist has appropriate photographs to work with (taken either by the client or by artist). 

The portrait is an artistic interpretation of the client’s pet based on information given by the client, photographs of the subject taken by artist or by the client, and (if applicable), by impressions gathered by the artist upon personally interacting with the subject. It is understood that the artwork is not intended to be a realistic physical representation, and that the colors of the subject may, and probably will, differ from the actual physical coloring of the subject. 

Without limitation, the artist Paula Ogier holds full copyright and reproduction rights to the image created, including but not limited to, the right to publish, reproduce, display, exhibit, make available for sale, or create derivative works based on the original. The client may request a digital image as well as a printed image, and the client may use both the digital image and printed image for personal use only and not for sale purposes. 

The client will see a copy of the art image before it is printed. No work prepared by the artist for the client, pursuant to this or any other agreement, shall be considered a work for hire as defined by sections 101 and 201(b) of the Copyright Act of 1976.

Once the portrait is completed, full payment of the balance is due before the portrait can be picked up or shipped. Check, cash, credit card, and Venmo are all accepted forms of payment. Shipping costs are $10 additional. 

All images on the site property of Paula Ogier. Do not use or reproduce without permission. Website Copyright © 2021 Paula Ogier.
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